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  Swimming Club




The WSC Constitution was completely re-written in 2021 to conform with a template provided by the Watsonian Council.

The new Constitution is as follows:


Watsonian Swimming Club – 8th December 2021.


The Watsonian Swimming Club is an independent Section of The Watsonian Club, (a Company Limited by Guarantee), a. And, in the pursuit of its objects, shall abide by any rules established by The Watsonian Club affecting its sections generally.


The Constitution was approved by The Watsonian Council on 21 April 2021 and adopted by the Club at the Annual General Meeting on 8th December 2021.


  1. Naming and Title

       The Section shall be called The Watsonian Swimming Club, abbreviated in print and                         commonly referred to as the Watsonian Swimming Section.


   2. Purpose

      The purpose of the club shall be to encourage swimming.


   3. Office Bearers

       The elected Office Bearers of the Club shall consist of:



       Honorary Secretary 

       Honorary Treasurer

       Social Convenor


       Any two of the foregoing offices may be filled by the same person. 

       The Office Bearers shall retire annually at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election.


   4.  Committee

        The direction and control of the affairs of the Club shall be delegated to a Committee, which            shall consist of the Office Bearers and up to six Ordinary Members.  

        The Committee shall:

  1. Be elected by the Members of the Club at each AGM;

   2. Retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election; and

   3. Have the power to fill vacancies and any person so appointed shall serve until the next AGM       4. and shall be eligible for re-election.


    5.  General Responsibilities of the Committee

         The Committee shall meet not less than twice a year and its responsibilities shall include:

         1. Overseeing the activities undertaken in the name of the Club;

         2. Make suggestions of ways in which the Club’s aims and objectives can be furthered;

         3. Ensure the funds of the Club are appropriately managed and deployed. 

         In furtherance of carrying out the foregoing delegated duties, the Committee (acting though the             Office Bearers) shall be empowered to enter into such contracts or other agreements as may be           desirable or necessary in the interests of the Club.  If and when necessary, the Committee may             also appoint Sub-Committees.


   6.  The Captain and Vice Captain

        The responsibilities of the Club Captain shall be to:

  1. Chair meetings of the Committee and Club;

   2. Exercise a casting vote, as required, in the event of a tie, and where a deliberative vote has                     already been cast;

   3. Provide a point of reference/advice to the School on matters relating to the Club;

   4. Promote the Club and its objectives; and

   5. Represent the Club at School occasions.


       The Vice-Captain shall deputise for the Captain, as necessary, at the request of the Captain.

       In the absence of both the Captain and the Vice-Captain at any meeting, the members present               may appoint a chair from among those present at the meeting. {Such a chair shall have a casting          vote in addition to a deliberative vote.}


   6. The Honorary Secretary

       The responsibilities of the Club Honorary Secretary shall be to:

  1. Give notice of meetings of the Club or Committee;

   2. Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the Club;

   3. Attend to correspondence;

   4. Maintain an up-to-date membership database containing contact details and relevant                             information pertaining to each Member. Such a database shall be kept in accordance with                     current General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR);

   5. Keep charge of books, papers and records of the Club; and

   6. Ensure a copy of all minutes and papers, and the annual report and accounts are submitted                    annually to The Watsonian Council.


   8. The Honorary Treasurer

       The responsibilities of the Club Treasurer shall be to: 

  1.  Collect members’ subscriptions

   2.  Keep a detailed account of all financial matters pertaining to the Club;

   3.  Prepare an annual financial statement. 

   4.  Submit the financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.


   9.  Membership

       The Club shall consist of two classes of Member, namely: Swimming and Social.


       Swimming Membership

       Swimming  Membership shall be restricted to:

       Any member of the Watsonian Club; spouses and immediate family; current or former member             of staff; former pupil of George Watson’s College, George Watson’s Ladies College and John                   Watson’s School, over the age of 18; or parent of current or former pupil. 

       Swimming members shall pay an annual swimming subscription fee to the Galleon Club plus an          annual Social Membership fee to the Club. 


       Social Membership 

       Social Membership shall be restricted to:

       Any member of the Watsonian Club; spouses and immediate family; current or former member             of staff; former pupil of George Watson’s College, George Watson’s Ladies College and John                   Watson’s School, over the age of 18; or parent of current or former pupil.  

       Social Members shall pay only an annual Social Membership fee to the club.



  10. General Meetings


         Annual General Meeting

         The AGM of the Club will be held by the end of November in each year and shall be called by                 notice served at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting. 


         At that meeting a report shall be given by:

         1. The Captain, covering the preceding year’s events, notable occurrences, forthcoming events,                 and any future plans for the Club; and

         2. The Honorary Treasurer, covering the accounts and financial affairs of the Club for the                           preceding year. 


             The accounts shall be reviewed by an independent, suitably-knowledgeable volunteer                             (auditor) and shall be available to Members from the Honorary Treasurer at, or shortly after,                 the Meeting. A copy of the accounts should be submitted to the Watsonian Council.

             The Office Bearers, the Committee and the independent volunteer shall be elected, and any                   other competent business transacted. 


             Extraordinary General Meeting

            The Honorary Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club at the request              of the Committee or upon a request, in writing, signed by no fewer than eight or one-quarter                  of the Members of the Club, whichever is the smaller.  The purpose for which the Meeting is                  called shall be specified in the requisition and in the notice calling the Meeting.  Notice shall                  be sent to each Member of the Club not less than fourteen days prior to the date of the                            Meeting.  No business,  other than that specified in that notice. shall be transacted at such a                  Meeting.


   11.  Quorum

          Eight members of the Club or one quarter of the Club membership, whichever is the lesser,                  shall form a quorum at any General Meeting; four members of the Committee shall form the                  quorum at Committee meetings.


   12. Subscriptions

         Social Membership subscriptions payable by Members shall be fixed at the AGM, following a                 proposal made by the Committee. Subscriptions shall be due and payable by 31 July each year.             No person shall be admitted the privileges of the Club until their Social Membership                               subscription has been paid.

         Swimming Membership subscriptions shall be negotiated and agreed annually with the Galleon           Club by the Committee and shall be paid at the same time as the Social Membership                               subscription.  


   13. Expulsion

         Any Member whose conduct is materially prejudicial to the interests of the Club, The Watsonian           Council, or George Watson’s College, may be expelled or suspended from Membership by the                 Committee.  Any Member aggrieved by such a decision may appeal at the next AGM, so long as             the Member has given twenty-one days’ notice of the intention to do so to the Secretary.                         Suspension involves the loss of all rights and privileges of membership.


   14. Funds and Investments

         The fund(s) of the Club shall be kept in such a manner as the Committee may determine and be            used for the benefit of the Club as deemed appropriate by the Committee.  All investments of                the Club shall be in the name of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer                for the time being as trustees of the Club.  Any transactions relating to the investments of the                Club shall require the signature of two trustees.  Proper books and accounts shall be kept by                the Honorary Treasurer showing the Club’s financial affairs. Those books and accounts shall be            reviewed annually by an independent, suitably knowledgeable volunteer, duly appointed at the              AGM.


   15.  Property and Insurances

          Any property or assets purchased by the Club, or gifted to the Club by members or others, can              only be sold or disposed of where prior agreement has been given by The Watsonian Council.                The Committee shall arrange appropriate insurances for Club medals and other such property.            The Committee shall arrange appropriate insurance for Club property and meetings and other              events run by the Club at its discretion.  Such insurances may be inspected by any Member of              the Club upon request to the Secretary.  (Only WSC property are the Crocks Cup and box of                    archive records).


    16. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

T            The Club shall comply with all applicable data protection and privacy legislation in force from                time to time in the UK including (without limitation) the Data Protection Act 2018 in all matters              relating to the collection, retention and processing of personal data of Members and other                      persons associated with Club activities.  Such data shall only be used for lawful purposes and              shall only be available to the Committee in relation to their duties and responsibilities.  The                    Secretary shall maintain an up-to-date, secure database containing such information and shall            regularly check the accuracy of data it holds.


   17.  Health and Safety 

          The Club shall remain aware of its responsibilities pertaining to the health and safety of its                    Members in connection with events run by the Club.  The Club shall appoint a ‘Person in                        Charge’ for each event whose role shall be, amongst others, to ensure that all matters relating              to the Health and Safety of Members, guests and members of the public have been properly                  assessed and any risks mitigated appropriately.


          Club members shall comply with the Health and Safety requirements of the Galleon Club when            swimming in the Galleon pool. 


   18.  Alterations to the Constitution

          This Constitution shall not be altered except with the consent of not less than two-thirds of the              Members of the Club present and voting at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.  Notice            of any proposed alterations, together with the names of the proposer and seconder, shall be                  intimated by the Honorary Secretary to the Members of the Club not less than twenty-one days            prior to the Meeting.  Any Member of the Club wishing to propose an amendment to any                          proposed alterations of the Constitution shall give a notice thereof, in writing, together with the              name of a seconder, to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the date of the Meeting.  There            shall be no obligation on the Honorary Secretary to circulate such amendments so intimated.                Amendments of a minor nature may be intimated from the floor at the Meeting without notice,              so long as two-thirds of those present agree that the matter can be discussed and voted upon. 


          A copy of any amended Constitution shall be communicated to The Watsonian Club and only                  after approval can any changes be formally adopted by the Club.


   19.  Dissolution

          No motion for dissolution of the Club shall be considered except at an Extraordinary General                  Meeting called for the purpose of dissolution.  Such motion shall require the support of not less            than three quarters of the Members of the Club present and voting. 


          In the event of such a motion being carried, any assets of the Club shall be transferred to The                Watsonian Club.  This should include all paper records, minute books and other items or                        artefacts that may be relevant for acquisition to the George Watson’s College Historical                          Archives and Collections.


          Final version, 8th December 2021, A.J. Masson

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